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Day trips with catamaran

Sailing with Captain Max Maddalena Archipelago and the Archipelago course. Every day starting from Poltu Quatu you arrive in less than 30 minutes in the waters of the Archipelago of La Maddalena where we find the most charming and beautiful beaches.

We start from Cala Coticcio called Tahiti Beach for its beauty and a favorite of Lady Di, Cala Napoletana and other countless coves and Spread with the magnificent Cala Cala Corsara and Soraia.

Budelli with the famous Pink Beach.
Wishing you’re ready to get off the beach of the Knight to know a character living alone for 25 years on this beautiful island.

After lunch prepared by Captain Max with appetizers and a great spaghetti seafood wine myrtle and everything you want will continue the navigation to dive again in some other cove before returning to Poltu Quatu.

The tour ends with the return to port under full sail watching the sun begins to set and spread the red light on the Sardinian granite that becomes an orange red.


The catamaran


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